Playing for Keeps Movie


Gerard Butler
Jessica Biel
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Uma Thurman
Dennis Quaid

Important Elements

The Positive Elements

Despite the fact that George makes plenty of bad decisions in his life, the viewer never gets the feeling that he can also be a big jerk. On the contrary, he comes across as a pretty likeable character, endearing to both kids and their parents. Sometimes he gives the feeling of being too encouraging to the parents (courtesy the sexual content), but for most part of the movie, he just tries to get along. He does encourage Barb, an emotionally fragile single mother, to have more self-confidence. He comes to the rescue of Carl, a married irresponsible man and just like a true gentleman turns down the advances of Carl’s wife Patti when she tries to seduce him.

George appears in his best form in the later part of the movie when he starts focusing entirely on his son Lewis. Eventually he comes to the realization that it was his family and not his stardom that was the best thing to have ever happened to him. Despite tripping a few times, he gives his all into mending his dodgy relationship with his young son. He practices soccer with him in the rain, takes him on walks and even joins him on an excursion. He goes to the extent of renewing his relationship with Stacie (his ex-wife) for his son’s sake.

Spiritual elements
The only spiritual element that we get to see in the movie is when Lewis talks about looking up his horoscope.

Sexual elements
This element comes across pretty evidently yet subtly in the movie. A former playing buddy informs everyone that back in his heydays George used ‘to get more a-- than a toilet seat!’ Things don’t look like having changed much after George joins his son’s soccer club as q coach. We see this element pretty loud and clear when Barb invites herself to George’s home and forces him to have a look at her dating profile. Once he approves of it, she puts her arms around him, followed by pressing him against the window and then kissing him passionately. Although the viewers are not actually shown what happens next in the bed, but everyone does get to see George naked from the waist up, reading Barb’s note that reads, “Thanks for breaking my slump.”
Denise is another soccer mom in the movie who helps George. She helps him in preparation of his audition tape and then in bagging the position of a sportscaster at ESPN. She flirts with him inside a dark studio after the taping is complete. When George resists, she puts her leg around his waist and kisses him passionately.
Then when Carl and Patti encourage George to come to their home for a party, Carl can be seen bragging about his mistresses to George. Later, Patti sneaks into George’s home and tries to seduce him by stripping down to her undergarments.